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Fencing Coach Wanted - Saber - Full Time

Job description: 

PDX Fencing (Portland, Oregon) is looking for a full time saber coach to work with our established successful coaching staff. We are searching for a qualified coach with a min of two years experience to join our growing, dynamic, and vibrant community of families and fencers. 


Ability to teach saber skills in both private lessons and group classes. Lead clinics, camps and outreach programs. 

Understand and help set students goals, and adjust teaching methods to meet their needs. Provide individual feedback, strip coaching fencers at local, regional, and national tournaments.


Must have relevant coaching education and experience.  

Strong English communication skills – spoken and written. English from intermediate level – high level preferred.

Compensation and benefits include:

Competitive Salary
Paid vacation
401K plan
Continuing Education (optional) assistance

Application instructions:

Please send an email to: Head Coach Charles Randall

 *please include 1. Cover letter with a brief introduction to yourself

  1. Detailed resume including your professional background and results, education,and coaching achievements. 

Contact information: Head Coach Charles Randall, 

Teaching Private Lessons
Comfortable flooring, airconditioning, heat, wi-fi, spectator seating,reception aread with small store
Teaching youth - advanced classes
Work in pairs to practice bladework
Leading Drills
photo of Logan Spear holding Champion Trophy
Accepting Championship Award
photo of group learning footwork
Active adult group