Pre-Nationals Camp will be June 19-23, 2023

Summer 2023 Fencing Camps coming soon! See below for dates



Empower your child to be active and engaged as they unleash their inner swashbuckler, musketeer, jedi knight or hero!

Fencing teaches focus, listening, persistence, agility, co-ordination, self-confidence, problem solving, poise, and a host of other wonderful life skills. 

Fencing camps are a great way for any one, from a never fenced before, or from the beginner to the more advanced fencer to  boost skills, advance knowledge in tactics and technique including the mental skills part of the sport.  Stay in shape and keep active. Many of our students will be competing in the local and regional tournaments that start in January so these camps are great preparation for the active season ahead. Coaches have a great opportunity to spend a great amount of time with your fencer to see where they are at and what they need to progress, plus your fencer will have fun and be inspired with their coaches.

All our coaches and adult staff are fully vaccinated.

 Camp fees are refundable if camp is cancelled due to Co-Vid.

Pre-Nationals 2023 Fencing Camp

June 19-23, 2023
9 a.m – 3:45 p.m

$450.00/Club members

$550.00/Out of region Non-members

Prepay min. 30 days in advance and save $25.00 

For those going to summer nationals, in the High Performance Class or by coach invitation.

A high intensity camp focused on preparing those who qualified – for USA Summer Nationals and Championships – the largest fencing tournament in the world! Daily fitness, drills, bladework, distance control, motivation, mental preparation  and active competitiveness are all part of this camp. 

Bring a water bottle, snacks and lunch.  You must have your full set of tournament gear. 

Must be enrolled in our club program or by your club coach recommendation.

.All students must use hand-sanitizer or wash hands upon entry.

Camp will be lead by Head Coaches Charles Randall and Hector De La Torre

Improve your skills, technique, and tactics
                     Pre-Nationals 2023 High Performance Camp

                                              June 19-23,2022
                                    Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m – 3:45 p.m

Cost: Club Members Only $450.00/Out of region Non-Members $550.00

                           Pre-pay 30 days in advance and save $25.00

                camp registration forCamp registeration form coming soon

Winter 2022 Youth Fencing camp Registeration Form

Summer 2023 Fencing Camps coming soon

Youth Beginners Camp

July 10-14, 2023
Mon – Fri 9 – 11:55 a.m

Prepay min. 30 days in advance and save $25.00 

This is a fun summer camp for youth fencers with less than 2 years of experience.  Fun games, drills, footwork keep things moving, and exhilirating while we work on agility, balance and speed. 

Fencing drills, bladework, distance control, motivation, improving defence and offence through fun games, etc. are all part of this camp.  Deeper tactical skills and technique as we progress through the week.. Fun camp mini tournament at the end of the week!

Bring a water bottle, and snacks. Wear a loose comfy t-shirt, workout clothes (knees must be covered), athletic shoes. You must have your own full  electric gear set. Bring a water bottle and light snack.  

Must be in Beginners 1 or  Beginners 2 class level or by coach invitation

Improve your skills, technique, and tactics

Cost:  Club Members Only $250.00
            Non-Members (out of Region): $300.00
            Pre-pay 30 days in advance and save $25.00

      Register now, and pay to save your spot as camp size is limited. First come, first served!

Camp hours:     9 am – 11:55 am Monday-Friday

Must have own mask, jacket and glove, bring a water bottle and snack! 

Coming soon Paper registration form

Winter 2022 Camp
photo of Coaches Charles and Hector
Head Coach Charles will lead the camp with Head Youth coach Hector De La Torre and CoachTobyn Dessauer
Get Ready for 2023-2024 tournament season that starts in September. Improve your skills, technique and focus.

Hi-Performance Summer 2023 Camp

Aug. 14-18, 2023 

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m – 3:45 pm

Cost: Club Members: $475.00  
           Non-Members (outside of region 1) $570.00

Pre-pay in full at time of registration at least 30 days in advance and save $25.00

Full electric gear required, must be Competitive 2 class or by coach recommendation.

Coming soon –  print paper registration form and flyer

Winter 2022 Hi-Performance camp Registeration Form
Head Coaches Charles Randall and Hector De La Torre will lead camp

Hi Performance Summer 2023 Camp

Aug. 14 – 18, 2023
Mon. 9 – 3:45 pm

Club members: $475.00 
Non-club members $575.00 (out of region)
Pre-pay 30 days in advance and save $25.00

Must be in the Competitive 2 class, over 14 with 3+ years competition experience or by coach recommendation. We happily welcome fencers from other regions and countries!

Focus is on preparation and fun training for the upcoming 2023 -24 tournament season – first  tournament of the new season in September!  Fitness daily (the key to injury prevention and the ability to execute physically). Deep practice footwork, distance control, motivation and mental strength training. Critical thinking and decision making, bladework drills, opponent analysis, goal setting, etc.  Afternoons focus on electric bouting situations, nutrition, recovery. Get inspired and prepared and in shape for the upcoming regional, national and collegiate NCAA competitions. 

This is a high intensity high performance camp where athletes are preparing to return after summer break to the tournament season. Even you are not a nationally competitive fencer this camp can take your skills to the next level. 

Returning special guest, Sports Psychologist James Yoo will be leading a workshop on season planning, motivation and goal setting 

Mr. Yoo is a former Div.1 Athlete, busy parent of young and teen athletes. has a busy practice of helping athletes across a wide varienty of individual and team sports, along with being a La Crosse coach.

Must have full electric gear. Bring a water bottle and lunch. Have work out clothes for fitness sessions including change of shoes. 

  Minor age participants must have a written permission slip to leave the premises for any break. lunch break or any reason.  Anyone leaving the camp for a break is on their own responsibility. 

Unfortunately, due to Co-vid we are not offering any homestays. There are several hotels close to the club, and one motel (the Peppertree Inn) in walking distance.