Camps are a great way to boost skills and advance more rapidly in an focused setting, or for an introduction to Olympic saber fencing in our fun and exciting Learn To Fence Camps.


We offer several camps throughout the year in our club and in the City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Centers (see their website directly – next Learn to Fence camp in Hillsboro is April 3-May 5, click here).


Camps in our club:


Summer 2018 Learn to Fence Camps:

Youth Beginners Learn to Fence Full day Camps


Session 1: July 09 -13, 2018
Mon – Friday 8:45 a.m – 3:45 p.m

Session 2: August 20 – 24, 2018
Mon – Friday 8:45 a.m – 3:45 p.m

Cost:  U.S. $350.00
Prepay 30 days in advance and save $25.00


Unleash that inner Jedi knight or Musketeer! Fun, warm up games focus on agility, co-ordination, paying attention. Learn the basic defense and attack skills. Drills for blade work, technique and beginner tactics. Fencing teaches creative problem solving, listening skills, discipline, good sportsmanship, self-confidence, perseverance and a host of wonderful life skills, most importantly it’s fun! Professional coaches lead an active, fun day teaching one to master the sword.  Make new friends, during the snack and lunch breaks while learning this exhilirating Olympic sport.    See Flyer for both Learn To Fence camps here

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Get ready for summer nationals 2018. Two camps:

Competitive Lev 2 Pre-Nationals Camp

June 20 – June 24, 2018
Wed. – Fri 9:00 – 4:00 p.m, Sat. 11:15 – 4 p.m, Sunday 10 a.m – 4:00 p.m
NO MONDAY Practice for those who attended camp.

Members $325.00    Non members $450.00
Prepay 45 days in advance and save $25.00

For our fencers age 13+ in the Competitive 2 class (or by coach invite). Preparation for the Summer Nationals tournaments.  Focus on competitiveness, technical drills, tactical practice, pooles,critical thinking, mental preparation, nutrition and fitness in our unique setting. Bring a snack, lunch and water bottle.  Even if you are not going to summer nationals, if you are in this class level you should participate in the camp to help prepare your teammates while boosting your own skill and competitive level. See flyer here.

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Competitive Lev 1 Pre-Nationals Camp 

photo of lev 1 competitiors

Competitive Lev 1 class

June 25-June 29, 2018
Mon. – Friday 9:00 a.m – 3:45 p.m
Members $325.00     Non Members $450.00
Prepay 45 days in advance and save $25.00

Must be  in our competitive Lev 1 class  (or by coach recommendation). Preparation for the largest fencing tournament of the year – summer nationals, some – including youth are championship events. Focus is on competitiveness, critical thinking, creative problem solving, tactical strategy, blade-work, distance control, pooles and more, in a fun and dynamic setting. Bring lunch, snack and water bottle. Even if you are not going to summer nationals, if you are in this class level you should participate in the camp to help prepare your teammates while boosting your own skill and competitive level. MUST have complete electrical gear. See flyer here

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SUMMER 2018 Pre-Season CAMPS

August International Hi-Performance Advanced Camp
Aug 5-11, 2018
Must be age 13+ with min. of 3 years of experience including competition experience (or by coach recommendation)
Club Members $350.00     Non – members $475.00  additional home-stays for minor age children at $35.00 per day, limited space.

Our popular annual International Camp draws fencers from all over the globe. Fencers including Olympians and national team members from Mexico, Spain, China, Puerto Rico, France, Germany, England, Taiwan, etc. have and continue to join us for training. Get ready for the upcoming competition season at our most popular camp of the year. Opponent analysis, tactical and critical decision making, distance control, advanced blade work technique that you can take with you and practice on your own. Camp starts on Sunday at our annual club picnic at a beautiful lake, where you can get to know your fellow campers and club members while swimming, kayaking, playing games. Mid-week field trip to see and enjoy some of Oregon’s incredible natural beauty. Camp ends with a tournament (included in the fee) where you can put to work what you learned all week. Fitness included daily. Bring your lunch and a drink (there is a food card pod in walking distance). Must have full electric gear. Bring a swimsuit for the field trip!

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August International Intermediate Advanced Camp
Aug 13-17, 2018
Ages 10+ Must be in the Pre-Competitive class level or higher