Adult Fencing

photo of group learning footwork

Learn the basics first, great coaches are there for every step

You are never to old to start fencing! Our Sherry Green started fencing at age 61 and made the U.S. National Veteran’s team to the World Championships 5x, then won the gold medal in the Women’s saber team event. Fencing is a lifelong sport, that keeps you fit mentally and physically in a fun way.

Our adult program takes beginner’s who have never fenced before, people who fenced years ago and want to try it again, and those who have kept fencing once they learned the sport. Stay recreational or competitive – its up to you, we go at your pace. Click here to read about the benefits of adult fencing and why and when you should give it a try.

Adults Beginner & Recreational

Just starting out? Our beginners class is the right place.  Wear a loose comfortable T-Shirt, long shorts that cover the knees (basketball shorts are great), or yoga pants (no fleece -too hot!), tightly fitting athletic shoes. No open toes, no sandals, no crocs, no flipflops, no leather sole shoes. We loan all beginner equipment.

photo of adult fencers

A lifelong sport of incredible fun

Learn the basics of defense, attacks, footwork and the right of way rules. You will use a sword from the very first class.

Price $75.00 per month



Adults ages 16-90  10:15  a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Once past the basics you can add

WED: 7 – 8:00 p.m
(must purchase own glove, chest protector, mask)


Adults Competitive Class

photo of Rick Herrera with his first NAC medal and coaches Hector de la Torre and Charles Randall

Rick Herrera wins his first North America Cup medal, he started as a dad bringing his son’s to class

For our most advanced adults competing locally, regionally and nationally in the North America Cup series, or wanting to make the  U.S. National Team in any adult category including Veteran’s.

Advanced tactics, strategy, video analysis, distance control, mental preparation, competition goal setting, opponent analysis, creative problem solving, etc.

To join you must have coach approval. Must have all competition gear and belong to the U.S. Fencing Association (or your own country Fencing Federation).

Price $140.00 per month



photo of World Champion - Vets Team member Sherry Green

World Champion – Vets Team member Sherry Green started fencing at age 61

MON (optional)
Work on your own, them join advanced footwork at 5:30, electric fencing with High Performance Competitive 2 group from 6:15-7 p.mTUES/THURS
7 – 8:00, class & electric bouting until 8:30

WED (optional)
7-7:15 footwork, open bouting until 8:00

6:30 – 7:30, class then open bouting


Next Steps…

Come on in a few minutes early to our Saturday Adult beginners class. If you have fenced before our coach can assess your current skill level. You can fill out our trial class waiver form ahead of time or right at the gym.

Download waiver form here