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Transforming lives through the Olympic Sport of Fencing


Check our Instagram or Facebook page to see if we are open on inclement weather days. We will post on Saturday 1/13/23 by 8:30 a.m if we will open or stay closed.

Congratulations to our Adults Vets Team on winning 6 medals at the January North America Cup!! Way to go TEAM PDX!


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Reservation for trial class required to attend. Pick 2 consecutive Saturdays then call 503-644-7739, M- F 3 pm – 8 pm, or Sat. 8:30 am – 1 pm to reserve. 

We are open, hand sanitizer or hand washing required at entry. 

Beginners - Youth (age 8-16)
Sat. 11:15-12:15 p.m by reservation ONLY

Adult Beg & Intermediate (ages 17-85) Sat. 10:00-11:00 a.m by reservation ONLY

Youth ages 8+ Classes and Lessons

Learn to love the game, master the sword and reach their potential - on and off the strip

Adults - Classes and Lessons

Recreational to competitive, staying fit the fun way! Fencing classes, lessons, competiltions.


From beginners to high performance. Summer camps that keep you moving!

Team Building

Active and fun in a unique and exciting way

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties for kids age 6+ to adults. A fun, thrilling party everyone will remember


Homeschooling, scouts, special interest groups, anniversary, bachlor/ette, etc.

Why Choose Us

Most people watch their kids or struggle themselves learning and enjoying sports in general. When your skills don't improve, you lose confidence and you stop loving the sport. We've developed a training program that is fun, engaging and informative so you fall in love with the sport while reaching your full potential.

Staff & Team

Professional coaches & staff that are passionate, energetic, talented, inspiring, and committed to guiding each student on the journey of achieving maximum potential.


Our state of the art facility has sports court cushioned floor, Wi-fi, spectator area, air-conditioning, home-work area and more in a family friendly environment.

Character Development

With core values based on integrity and mutual respect, we strive to build resilience, poise and problem solving - all necessary tools for the future..

Family Community

A diverse community of can do families who are actively engaged, positive and support each other. Our friendly environment has made many life long friendships.

USA Fencers
At 2019 National Championships
World Cups Each Season

What Our Clients Say

People pick up fencing for many different reasons . . .

Kara G.
Fencing Mom

My daughter started fencing here at age 7, now she’s been recruited for fencing to college and become very accomplished.  The club is big part of our extended family and we love it here.

Rick Herrera
Fencing Dad, Adult Fencer

Both of my teenage sons started fencing and loved it. I started fencing to have a deeper connection with them and a better understanding of what they loved so much. We actually entered the North America Cup team event as Herrera, Herrera & Herrera! This club is a special place that inspires everyone to try their best. They see everyone’s potential.

My sons are now in college, and I’m the one competing nationally these days!

Breanna S.
Adult Fencer, club member since 2018

I bought this (one month trial class) for my husband because he’s wanted to try fencing for years. I never expected to fall in love with the sport! Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. 

Drew Dillree
Fencing Dad

 I cannot begin to express how great and supportive this club is.  The coaching is world class and it’s great to see the kids improve.  The culture of this club is very different from what I’ve seen from other regional clubs. The focus is on fun, fitness, health and sportsmanship. Don’t misunderstand – this is a competitive club – training regional through national champions. I highly recommend this club and would encourage you or your ids to come check it out… 

Questions & Answers

These are our most frequently asked questions:

All our beginners classes for kids 7+ and adults are on Saturdays . The kids class Trial class starts at 1:00 p.m, the adult class (ages 15+) starts at 10:30 a.m, year round. Call (503-644-7739) to make a class reservation as class size is limited. We are still requiring masks, hand santizer or hand washing and temperature checks . One parent may accompany child in to watch. Our club is filled with children, not just adults – so please wear your mask as many of the children are to young to get vaccinated. All staff is vaccinated.


No, you don’t have to buy or rent gear to get started. We loan you all the starter gear to try the sport out. Please wear tight fitting athletic shoes, a loose comfy t-shirt, basketball shorts or loose pants that cover your knees (fleece or tight jeans are NOT ideal), and if you have long hair bring a ponytail holder. All the equipment is sanitized after EACH use.  Bring a water bottle.

Once you finish the trial classes and join the club, then you start to acquire your gear starting with an inexpensive glove $15 – $20.00


No,  you are not too old to start fencing! The ideal time to start is now. Fencing is a life long sport with competitive categories up into the 80’s+. Our adult program is both recreational and competitive so you can go at your own pace.

Your child should be at least age 7 to start with us. Many times the sword is bigger than the child! Age 8 is a good time to start, and any age from there on is an ideal age to get started. Youth categories are: Ages 8-10, Ages 10-12, Ages 12-14, Ages 14-16, Ages 17- 20, and up. 

If you are an adult fencer, come on into the club on Saturday morning. All adult classes start footwork together, than split into groups by skill level. Our coaches can evaluate you to see where you will be most comfortable. If your fencer is a child that has fenced before, give us call (503-644-7739) to let us recommend which level to start in with a coach assessment.