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Lessons run from 25 – 30 minutes. Please be sure the student warms up 10 minutes prior to the lesson and is dressed for the lesson.

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Non-club members can take lessons, its a perfect way for one on one instruction if you can’t make class or just want to try it out.

Coaches for Private Lessons

Kelly Kositch

Youth Beginners
Adult Intro to fencing
Adult Beginners/Lev 1

$22.00 Members
$32.00 Non-Members

Saber Coach Jeff Larsen

Jeff Larsen

 Advanced Beg, Pre-competitive
Adult – Level 2 

$27.00 members
$37.00 Non-Members

Photo of coach Hector De La Torre

Hector De La Torre

Youth Competitive 1
Youth Competitive 2
Adult Competitive

You must be a club member on his cleared list to book a lesson with Coach Hector.

$27.00 members Only

Layne LeBleu

Adult Beginners
Adult – Level 1
Adult – Level 2

$22.00 Members $32.00 Non-Members

Photo of learning defense Parry 5

Start with good Habits

Private lessons in the beginning help fix incorrect technique before they become a bad habit. Once the student knows they want to make progress faster, regular lessons are  recommended.

Some learn better in the one-to-one lesson, and the lessons are tailored to the unique needs of each student.

photo of head saber coach Charles Randall

Charles Randall, Saber Master & Head Coach

Saber master and Head Coach Charles gives lessons  to Hi-Performance, Adult Competitive and to those competing nationally,  internationally or in the NCAA. Lessons are for PDX Team members only or by special invitation.

Members Only

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Be Prepared to Make the Most of the Time . . .

The student spends approximately 25-30 minutes one-on-one with a coach. This allows the coach to correct and focus on what each individual needs to progress. Immediate feedback allows the student to instantly implement what was just learned. To make the most of the time, please have yourself or your child warm up PRIOR to the lesson – about 8-10 minutes ahead of time. That way the coach will not have to spend the time being sure the athlete is physically ready to start.

Doing things correctly as soon as possible is much better than having to unlearn bad habits. Coaches focus on many areas including technique, skills, and as one progresses, tactics, critical thinking, and mental preparation. Each lesson is uniquely tailored to the student, their learning style and their needs. 

Private Lesson fees:
You must cancel a lesson 24 hours ahead of time or you will still need to pay unless a medical emergency, you may cancel on line using the same scheduling link. The cancellation will immediately go to the coach’s cell phone.

 If you miss your regularly scheduled lesson 2x in a row without cancelling ahead of time you will lose your lesson slot.

Contact your coach directly or use the scheduling links above to schedule your regular lesson, or one off lessons.

Click below to read about The Benefits of Private Lessons, includes frequently asked questions about when, why and how often to take them.

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