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Empower your kids . . .

To reach their potential

How our Youth Program helps your kids grow

Most parents watch their kids struggle learning and enjoying sports in general. Their skills don’t improve, they lose confidence, and they stop loving sports. At PDX Fencing we’ve developed a youth training program that is fun, engaging, and informative so your kids fall in love with fencing and reach their potential. 

We know how frustrating it can be to watch your kids give up or feel lost. Often this impacts their behavior outside of the gym too. Many kids lose confidence in themselves, perform poorly in school, and just don’t seem to have as much fun anymore. But it doesn’t have to be that this way.

PDX Fencing is led by Charles Randall. Charles has coached fencing for over 30 years, including youth through Veteran’s national and international champions. He knows how important it is to treat every athlete like an all-star, no matter how young they are.  Over the years he developed a powerful youth program that’s helped countless numbers of young athletes reach their potential while enjoying the game more and more each time they play. His hand picked staff of well seasoned, accomplished coaches share his philosophy, and have also developed youth champions.

When you bring your kids to PDX Fencing . . .

     They will learn our simple process to become their best. They will:

  • Fall in love with a cool Olympic sport – saber fencing!
  • Learn and master the fundamentals, including proper techniques and mechanics of our sport
  • Surpass their goals and gain confidence, in and out of they gym

     Your kids deserve to be treated like all-stars. With PDX Fencing you don’t have to be concerned about the coaching or training your kids are receiving. When you bring your kids here you are empowering them to be confident, consistent, self-motivated and to reach their potential.


Youth beginners

Start here for new fencers ages 7+. Learn the basics of defense, offense, and tactics. Your child will have a ton of fun and use a sword on the first day.

saturdays 9 - 10:15 a.m

We loan you all equipment in this class level. Wear a loose comfy T-Shirt, legs should be covered or long basket ball shorts (fleece and tight pants are not good), wear athletic shoes, for long hair wear a ponytail.

Coupon for free class

Get a coupon here (below) for a free trial class. Value $25.00, only good for new students trying out the class for the first time.

test the waters

Let your child come in for a training session, test the waters and take part in a youth training session at our facility.


Our talented coaches treat your kids with respect and help them gain confidence on and off the strip. They learn to respect everyone including their opponent, the referees, their equipment, the rules, all while having fun.

character development

With PDX core values based on integrity and strong self worth, we strive to build self confidence, critical problem solving, poise, focus and resilience.

Motor Skills

Fencing is fun, the tactics require practice to be successful so the kids are very motivated to move while participating in active fencing games keep them agile and increase co-ordination.

physical chess

Fencing is often called physical chess. You need to constantly out-think your opponent using tactics and strategy. Creative problem solving skills get honed and the imagination comes alive.

Has your child dreamed of swordfighting, becoming a musketeer, a jedi knight or dueling?

"My son loves the club, the coaches, his teammates. He has found his passion. Everyone is so helpful, we've found a new community and made great friends along the way.
Jill Kakehi
"My daughter started fencing here at age 10 and has grown up surrounded by coaches who have high standards yet set the tone for great family values. Now my young son and even my wife are fencing and all three are winning national medals. The family atmosphere really set this club apart.
Tao Yun

beyond the basics

Once your child has completed the Saturday beginner’s class and workbook it’s time to move up to the next levels. Promotion is done by skill level and coach recommendation.

     In the next levels your child gets

  • Additional class times and more attention
  • Co-ordination, agility, flexibility, personal skills, technical and tactical skills development through fun games and practice.
  • Mental strength training, emotional control, strength and stamina training, nutritional guidance, one on one mentoring, local and regional tournaments
  • At the highest level (Competitive 2) high performance training, mental toughness and skill training, national tournments, participate in tne North America Cup Series, those who qualify go to Jr. Olympics and National Championships. For those wanting to make college teams or Team USA for international tournaments, or if you just want to stay recreational but take your fencing to it’s highest level.

     Many of our fencers have been recruited to, and fence for some of the best Universities and Colleges in the USA like Stanford, Northwestern

Next Level Classes

Advanced beginners

Refine tecnique as more advanced tactics and rules of right of way and competition are learned.


Tournament rules, preparation, nutrition and mental skills training are added to more advanced tactics and technique. Start to compete in the club tournaments then move up to the local youth circuit.

Competitive 1

Comprehensive program from fitness, nutrition, mental strength to take the athlete to the next level. Compete in the local then regional circuit, then on to the national North America Cup series.

competitive 2

Go to your maximum potential! For those wanting to make the US National team, college teams, or challenge yourself to reach your ultimate best. Many of our students have been recruited to the top universities in the country and/or made college teams. Others have stayed local while going to in-state universities while training and competing nationally or just locally.

Leadership program

With PDX core values based on integrity our leadership program invites advanced students who show an interest in becoming to participate in our program. Graduates include Logan Spear - 2 x Stanford University Fencing Team Captain, Misael Lopez - member of the Puerto Rico men's national saber team, and current team Captain of PDX Fencing, and Joy Yun - 2x USA National Champion.

Youth club member classes

Join the club! Club members receive additional attention, discount on private lessons, camps and a 5% discount on most merchandise. All classes require a USA Fencing membership (basic membership $10.00). If you do not want to join the club but want to take individual classes, you must be a USA Fencing member – each class session @25.00 US per class. Subject to coach approval.

beginners Intro



Saturdays 9:00- 10:15 a.m

All equipment is loaned to you. Wear athletic shoes, t-shirt, shorts that cover knees or loose comfy pants. We recommend buying your own glove, $15 - $22.00.

If you have long hair bring a pony tail holder

Club members receive a workbook to learn more about fencing. Includes three open book tests on the basics.

Private lessons optional

advanced beginners



Tues/Thurs 6:30 - 7:30 p.m

Fitness, agility and co-ordination skills included..

Must have own glove, chest protector, knickers, jacket and glove. After 60 days add a mask.

5% club member discount on most merchandise in our gear shop.

Summer and winter fencing camps are recommended to advance skill and tactical level.

Private lessons optional




Mon/Wed 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Friday 4:30 - 6:00

Friday Open Electric bouting 6 - 7:30 pm

Fitness and introduction to mental strength training included.

Start participating in the club series of tournaments, then advance to the local regional youth circuit.

Must have full practice gear, & acquire tournament electric gear including sabers.

Summer & winter camps highly recommended.
Private lessons highly recommended.

competitive 1



Tues/Wed/Thurs 4:30 - 6 pm

Friday 4:30 - 5:30 Electric bouting required 6 - 7 p.m

Fitness and mental skills training are incorporated.

Compete in local tournament circuit. Optional-start to compete in national level tournaments including youth championships.

Full tournament equipment required.

Private lessons highly recommended. If going to National championships then Pre-nationals camp is required.

Competitive 2 - Take it to the Max!

Fencing at this level will improve your teenager’s life! Skills reinforce good habits like time management, commitment, smart choices, academic achievement,  and more. Our highest level program for serious fencers wanting to make a college team, Team USA and national championships. Fencers compete regionally and in the North America Cup Series! Those who qualify have the option to participate in Jr. Olympics, Olympics trials, summer national championships and a chance to represent the USA around the world by earning a spot on Team USA.  Our high performance program is comprehensive from fitness, nutrition, mental skills training, video replay analysis, motivation, sportsmanship, leadership, personal responsibility and more.  This  level is where college coaches scout national tournaments looking for experienced athletes.  How far do you want to go? 

The program is Mon-Thurs 4 – 7 p.m/Friday 4:30 – 5:30 fitness & bouting until 7
during the fencing season.  $225.00 per month.  

Logan Spear, won the men’s national champion title then went on to Stanford University. He became 2 x Stanford Fencing team captain, then graduated winning the prestigious Block “S” award for Men (highest GPA of sr. letter winners) and the Terman award (highest GPA of all graduates of the College of Engineering). Logan is currently enrolled in the Masters Degree program at Stanford and is an active member of the fencing team. 

Our students have gone on to top schools

some of the universities our graduates have gone on to . . .
Kerry Plunkett, NCAA All American