About Us

About Us

PDX Fencing is led by Charles Randall. Charles has coached saber exclusively for over 40 years, including the Women’s Div. 1 Saber team in Mexico, and a number of National, NCAA Collegiate and International champions in the USA and Mexico. He knows how important it is to treat every athlete like an all-star, no matter how young or old they are. Over the years he has developed a powerful youth and adult program that has helped thousands of fencers love the sport and reach their potential, while enjoying the game more and more each time they play. His hand picked staff of well seasoned, accomplished coaches share his philosophy and have taught students to strive to reach for their maximum potential.


At PDX Fencing our mission is to empower the youth or adult student to love the game, help them master the fundamentals and reach their potential - on and off the strip


You will be surrounded by a happy, engaged community of positive people helping each other thrive.


With PDX Fencing core values based on integrity and strong self worth, we strive to build self confidence, critical problem solving, poise and a healthy body. All of the necessary tools for the future.

Head Coach – Founder, Charles Randall

PDX Fencing Head Coach Charles Randall
Head Coach Charles Randall
  • Charles Randall has been fencing exclusively saber since he was in grade school. He came to the attention of the
    legendary fencing master, Giorgio Santelli who was an Olympic Gold medalist, and 5 time U.S. National Olympic coach, and then USA Olympic coach (1964-1984) Csaba Elthes.
Some previous highlights:

     Malia Hee, has won five national championships, SILVER at the Jr. World Cup in Phoenix AZ,  the 2018 NCAA Elite 90 award, and All American. Joy Yun – All American, 2019 Div 1A National Champion & 2016 Div 2 National Champion- 2022-23 Stanford University Saber Team Captain, Megumi Oishi -Gold Medal Winner –  2019 Japan Cup – Asian Cadet Circut., Kerry Plunkett 2019 NCAA All American,  Logan Spear (Men’s Div. 2 National Champion 2014 – Stanford University 2x Team Captain), Becca Ward 3x World Champion, 2x Olympic Bronze medalist, 3x NCAA champion, Sherry Green Veterans World Champion Gold (team).. Team PDX has won more than 700 medals regionally,  nationally and internationally in youth and adult categories.


 In Mexico, students of Charles Randall include National Saber Team Member Yesenia Anylu Cruz (bronze medal winner at the Central American Games), Ariana Noemi Arandas (2x national champion), and multi year team member, Hector De La Torre – National Champion, Jr. Olympic Champion, Jorge De La Torre (Jr Olympic Silver and National medalist), 2x Olympian Ursula Gonzalez, Jr. World Championships bronze medalist Vannesa Infante, and Pilar Duenas  – Italy Rome Cup Gold medalist.

Coach Randall has also worked with 2021 and 2022 Veterans World Mens Saber Champion, and 2023 Team USA World Championship member Mark Lundborg; French Cadet National Saber Champion Anna La Porte, and Spanish Saber Men’s team member Carlos Florez.

Coach Randall thrives on inspiring students to achieve their very best. He prefers to let his student’s results do the talking.

2023 Highlights:

     *Jamie Willemse, SILVER MEDAL, Women’s Saber Cat. One – Pan American Youth and Veterans Fencing Championships 2023
     *2023 Summer Nationals medalists: Megumi Oishi (Silver), Lynn Zhang, Yoko Oishi
    *Regional Top Youth & Vet Saber Fencers in Region One:
                                                             Y12 Women: Rony Dolev (GOLD)
                                                                        Jasmijn Lemmen (SILVER)
                                                Y14 Women : Margo Insalaco (BRONZE)                                                     Cadet Womens: Jaslene Lim (SILVER)
                                                     JR Womens -Jaslene Lim (BRONZE)
                                 Cadet Mens- George Luo & Alex Pi (GOLD-tied)
                                                     Jr. Mens Saber – George Luo (GOLD)
                                       Veteran Women’s: Jamie Willemse (SILVER)
  101 Regional medals: 16 GOLD, 17 SILVER, 23 BRONZE, 44 Other.
 8 National medals


     *NCAA All American – Megumi Oishi, NorthWestern University
     *MPSF Champion, Joy Yun, Stanford University Saber Team Captain
     * 100th win, Sophie Gajowskji, Drew University Saber Team Captain

2009 – 2023 College NCAA & Beyond 

We are especially proud that PDX Collegiate fencers are actively watched and recruited by many excellent schools across country. Our students are and have been vital parts of many NCAA fencing teams since we started in 2009. Those that have and are fencing for schools have found a thriving and exhilirating way to truly experience college in a unque way and truly enjoy the collegiate fencing scene. Many have made lifelong friends, and most return home to PDX Fencing during their school breaks to keep training, give back by mentoring, and return to school in tip top shape for the new competitive season.  Sharing their college experience with our developing youth fencers really helps motivate young fencers to realize that fencing in college is a possibility for them. The chance to spend time, fence and ask questions with high performance athletes in the fencing club is a great opportunity.

Our gradutates have been recruited by Stanford University, Duke University, Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell, Brown, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Penn State, Haverford, Temple, John Hopkins, Wellsley, Brandeis, Sacred Hearts, Drew, Boston College, and many many more.

After college, most of our fencers stay active in their sport, and when in Oregon return to fence at their other home “PDX Fencing. Those that move back to Oregon and the region for careers are active PDX  Fencing club members. Logan Spear, now living in California, was a founding member and frequently returns “home” and keeps in touch with his coaches and lifelong friends/alumni made during his youth fencing years at PDX Fencing.

Our Fencing Coaches

PDX Fencing Head Coach Charles Randall
Head Coach Charles Randall
PDX Fencing co-lead coach Hector De La Torre
Head Youth Coach Hector De La Torre
PDX Fencing coach Kelly Kositch
Coach Kelly Kositch
PDX Fencing Adult program saber coach Ned Sands
Coach Ned Sands
photo of Layne LeBleu, fencing coach
Coach Layne LeBleu
Coach Kim Phillips
Coach Kim Phillips

Why Choose Us

PDX Fencing athletes on the Notre Dame 2x Champions teams
Our fencers on the 2x NCAA champion team - Notre Dame

At PDX Fencing we’ve developed a program that has proven to get the athlete (child or adult) to where they want to be. Our founder, Charles Randall, developed this system based on years of experience as a competitive fencer and coach. He has introduced thousands of children and adults to saber fencing, and help students perfect their skills, achieving beyond what they thought was possible. Many of our young athletes get recruited by some of the most respected colleges and universities in the country.

All coaches at PDX Fencing are certified with SafeSport, First Aid/CPR and USA Fencing, and fence saber as their primary weapon. Their love of the sport and strong family values permeate the atmosphere as they share their knowledge of sports and life with students of all ages and fencing levels. All coaches were/are students of Coach Randall’s and share his philosophy of athlete first.

Our adult fencers fence for the fun and stress relief!
Youth Programs

Youth Beginners to Competitive Youth from ages 8 - 19

Adult Programs

Beginners, Intermediate, Recreational to Competitive

Team Building

Your team will thrive on learning something new and exciting


Lets unleash that inner musketeer for an unforgettable party

PDX Fencing workout class with Fancy
Fitness is built into our program

Our Fitness Program

At PDX Fencing skilled experts lead and teach developing athletes age appropriate conditioning.
Being fit and in peak shape is the key to being able to perform at one's maximum potential. The ability to execute physically what the athlete is demanding of their body requires special physical conditioning, nutrition, and hydration. It is the key to injury prevention. PDX Fencing's fitness program incorporates tournament timing into all work-outs. New for 2023 we offer mini-camps & workshops specifically for increasing speed, agility, flexibilty and strength. These camps are a huge success with the athletes who participated in the first two. They are signing up for the additional camps and workshops through out the year. Being able to see, measure and feel one's progress makes a difference. "I improved my speed by 40% by the last day!" "No one ever actually taught me how to use my hands when running, I can't believe that difference that makes" "I love foam rollers, I always see them in gym but had no idea until the workshop how to use them. Using them made a big difference to my legs" "I've done two of these and I can't wait for the next one - each has been different and I'm constantly learning new things on how to take better care and strengthen different areas of my body - we learned foot strength exercises last time!" ; these are just some of the comments from participants.

PDX Fencing Team Captain Misael doing pull ups
Fitness is part of our routine

Our Fitness Team - the key to injury prevention

State of the Art Facility

Our facility is equipped with special sport court flooring, making movement easier on hips, knees and joints. Heated, air-conditioned, with limited spectator seating with physical distancing, WiFi, gear shop, reception area,  and closed circuit t.v throughout. We have a quiet homework and work area for those waiting for class to start or end, and snack and drink machines.  Sanitizing, and cleaning protocols are followed. Check in procedure at the door for screening include hand sanitizer or handwashing required. Air sanitizers in the  front reception area and in the fencing area along with cleaning stations and hand sanitizers throughout the entire facility.

Serving Greater Portland

PDX Fencing is conveniently located in Beaverton, Oregon right off the 217 Freeway at the Allen Blvd. exit. We serve everywhere the Portland airport serves including: Beaverton, Camas, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Portland, Sherwood, Tigard, West Linn,  Vancouver, Wilsonville, etc.