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One Free Trial Beginners Intro Class

50% Off One Month Beginners Intro Class

Join our Saturday Adult Beginners Intro to fencing class for a one time class free trial – a $25.00 value. Class: 10:15-11:15 a.m.  For ages 16 – 80+. You will hold a sword and learn the basics! For first time participants only. We loan you all equipment.  You can join the club immediately and start enjoying club member benefits including discounts on merchandise, lessons, additional classes, camps and more. 

Four (4) weeks of Saturday Adult Beginner’s Intro class, (normally $75.00 pay $37.50 & save $37.50) will give you basic skills and understanding of defense and offense. Each class builds on the last one so each week you can feel your progression, as your confidence grows the game becomes more fun and intense. The game of physical chess has begun!  Class: 10:15 – 11:15 a.m.  For ages 16 – 80+.  For first time participants only. 

Wear athletic shoes, t-shirt, long pants or long shorts that cover the knees, for long hair wear a ponytail. Bring your coupon in any Saturday morning about 15-20 minutes before class so we can register you. No need to wait to get started  as the class is on-going year round.   Address: 5645 SW Arctic Drive, Beaverton, OR   Tel:503-644-7739

Six things that happen when you start Fencing

Strength and Endurance

Footwork drills will assist in muscle growth and endurance. Your mobility, endurance & strenght will improve as a natural progression.

Learning on the go

Tactics develop your creativity and stimulates your ability to think and problem solve to constantly changing conditions.

Brain Health

Both a physical & mental sport, it is extremely stress reducing. The mind is highly focused on a game, the body is producing feel-good endorphins.

Improve your lungs

A stop/start sport; extra oxygen released in the blood improve circulation, boost the immune system enhancing the body’s ability to remove pollutants

Flexibility and Agility

The body works a full range of motion, arms and legs work together with balance as the key to moving quickly.

Cardio Improvement

Regular practice makes the heart stronger, pumping blood more efficiently-even when not exercising

I bought this (a trial month) for my husband because he’s wanted to try fencing for years. I never expected to fall in love with the sport!  Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly, and the instructors give personal and constructive tips and the fellow patrons and club members are helpful and friendly. I really recommend trying it out.

Breanna S.

Joined the club in 2018 & is thriving

Why wait? Put on your Athletic shoes and let’s Fence!