How to Wash a Practice Fencing Glove

How to Wash a Fencing Glove
Keeping the glove clean is important! Bacteria builds up from sweaty hands and can make the glove very stinky and cause a rash.

The easiest way to clean it is to throw an inexpensive practice glove into a regular washer- NOT the saber competition glove as that must be hand-washed. Inexpensive practice gloves can go into the washer but NEVER with fencing whites. If you put it in with whites it will most likely turn the whites a shade of the color in the glove. For the more expensive competition saber glove, hand-washing the glove as below is the best way to go:

For a saber FIE tournament glove
1. Mix warm (not hot) water with hand wash detergent like woolite and put the glove in.
2. Wash gently by rubbing with your hands or with a sponge.
3. Rinse well several times and squeeze gently.
4. Gently dab the remaining water with a dry towel. Don’t wring or twist as that will damage and deform the glove.
5. Pull out the fingers to restore the good shape of your glove.
6. Air dry or lay out in the sun with the Velcro open, aiming a fan at it will help it dry faster.

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